Zak Bagan

In addition to being a paranormal investigator, actor, TV personality, museum owner, author, and host of the Ghost Adventures series on Travel Channel, Zak Bagans has a net worth of $35 million. This guide is all about Zak Bagans net worth, early life, family career, etc.

Zak Bagans’s early life

Born April 5, 1977, Zachary Alexander Bagans is originally from Washington, DC. When Zak was 10, his mother, Nancy, encouraged him to go to garage sales with her searching for odd and spooky collectibles. Additionally, Meredith has an elder sister named Meredith and a half-sister named Meredith. Bagans graduated from Glenbard West High School in Illinois in 1995 and enrolled at Western Michigan University for eight months before dropping out. Zak then attended the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, where he studied motion picture production.

Family and education

When he was ten years old, he and his mother, Nancy, often visited garage sales searching for unusual and spooky artifacts, which inspired him to become interested in the paranormal. The general public does not know his father, while his mother is an interior designer. As well as Meredith, Phil and Sky are his half-siblings.

Graduating from Glenbard West High School in Illinois in 1995, he briefly attended Western Michigan University before dropping out. In 1997, he studied filmmaking at the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan.

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Professional Life

“Ghost Adventures” was produced by Bagans and Aaron Goodwin in 2004 and was aired on the Sci-Fi Channel (now known as Syfy) in 2007. At the time of writing, there have been over 230 episodes on the “Ghost Adventures” series over 21 seasons and 45+ specials. In 2021, Netflix and Discovery+ picked up Ghost Adventures, which produced three spin-off series: “Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks” (2014-2016), “Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits” (2019), and “Ghost Adventures: Quarantine” (2020).).

Zak produced a series on the Travel Channel in 2011 called “Paranormal Challenge,” followed by another show in 2012 called “Paranormal Paparazzi.” He hosted the 2016 series “Deadly Possessions,” in which he featured items he had gathered for The Haunted Museum (which opened in October 2017).

His 2018 documentary “Demon House,” which he directed, wrote, and starred in, was his first film. Zak hosted “Halloween Wars” as part of Discovery+’s “Ghostober” programming in 2021 when the streaming service started airing the horror anthology series “The Haunted Museum.”

Personal life

In spite of his efforts to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, he has never talked much about it. He was linked to Christine Dolce in 2013, but the relationship ended due to personal reasons.

In May 2019, he met Holly Madison at the Haunted Museum and their relationship ended in early 2021. She was from the TV reality series “The Girls Next Door,” and he began dating her at Playboy.

Zak Bagans Net Worth

This 43-year-old paranormal investigator earns a fantastic amount of money from his career. His work on TV shows like Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks and Deadly Possessions has earned him money. According to the estimates, he will reach $35 million in wealth by 2020.

He also runs a haunted museum and haunted house in India in addition to his career as an author.

Investment in Real Estate

. A group of followers of Charles Manson killed Leno and Rosemary LaBianca at the house in 1969. A few months later, Bagans dropped the price to $1.999 million, selling the two-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom property in June 2021 for $1.875 million. In October 2020, Bagans listed the property for $2.2 million, lowered it to $1.999 million, and then sold it for $1.875 million.

After purchasing a house in Indiana for $35,000 in 2014, Zak also sold his Las Vegas home for $370,000 after experiencing demonic activity, and he purchased it for $370,000 in 2014. A year after he fled the house, the 4,700 square foot townhouse sold for $445,000 in January 2015, after listing it for $459,000 in late 2014.

Museum and Other Assets

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is a haunted attraction owned and run by Bagans in Las Vegas. The museum houses Zak’s paranormal artifacts, which is allegedly reasonably priceless. In addition, he holds the museum’s actual building and two vehicles valued at $2 million.

Extra hobbies of Zak Bagans

Zak, the host of Ghost Adventures, is a dog lover. As a result of his teachings, dogs are taught how to hunt ghosts, and he believes animals are more sensitive to spirits than humans. Gracie is Zak’s dog, and he travels with her when he’s not working. An Instagram photo of Gracie and his father’s grave was posted in August 2019.

The owner also shares several photos of his dog. Zak Bagans has a German quote tattooed on his inner arm in addition to the Celtic tattoo on his arm, which proves his belief in god and spirit. The tattoo reads: “Denn die Todten Reiten Schnell” and was even shared on Instagram.

Interesting facts about Zak Bagans

  • Zak Bagans, one of the most popular TV show hosts in the United States, belongs to an elite class of American celebrities. He celebrates his birthday on April 5 each year repay the against any “spiritual or paranormal interactions.” Due to a fainting visitor, the exhibit displaying a rocking chair from an alleged demon possession case in Connecticut was closed on May 27, 2019. It reopened on June 7.
  • On his Instagram account (@realzakbagans), he has more than 900k followers as of November 2021.
  • In addition to living in Las Vegas, Nevada, he formerly lived in the Nevada town of Summerlin.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Zak Bagans’s car collection look??

Bagans currently has a Mercedes and a Lamborghini as his only vehicles. “I don’t need anymore, but I’m watching out for an old muscle car,” he says.

What was the previous owner of the haunted museum before Zak?

Originally built in 1938, the property was originally owned by prominent businessman Cyril S. Over the years, hostile spirits – family members who have passed away and whose energy remains – are rumored to roam the halls terrorizing past residents.

Do Zak Bagans and Holly Madison date?

In a recent report, Holly Madison and Zak Bagans, her boyfriend of almost two years, ended their relationship. There has been a relationship between the 41-year-old The Girls Next Door star and the 43-year-old Ghost Adventures host since August of last year.