Ankara style

African fashion style Ankara (other spelling: Ankara) is famous in the West. Ankara top styles are a popular fashion choice for those looking to add a vibrant and bold touch to their wardrobe. Ankara fabric’s colorful and intricate patterns can create many styles, from traditional blouses to modern crop tops. Ankara tops can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile addition to any outfit.

Whether paired with jeans for a casual look or a skirt for a more formal occasion, Ankara tops are a great way to add a touch of African culture and style to any outfit. Plus, with so many different patterns and designs, an Ankara top style suits every taste and occasion.Wax-printed cotton textiles with colorful symbols and decorative patterns are the earliest examples of the style dating from the early colonial era. We are going to address the best Ankara top styles in this article.

Top 11 Best Ankara Top Styles

The Ankara top is always a winner in Nigerian spring and summer collections because many designers include it each year. Ankara blouses depict bright colors and lively patterns reminiscent of African indigenous designs. Bright colors create a cheerful and welcoming ambiance, and the lively patterns create a warm and welcoming feel. Additionally, Ankara fabric is also soft, comfortable, and stylish, making it an excellent choice for everyone. Additionally, Ankara tops complement everything, and when combined with jeans, they create a stylish look.

Jeans can highlight the best features of every body type if you pick the right ones, and any woman looks beautiful while wearing them. There are various types of jeans, including classic jeans, skinny jeans, and carrot jeans.

1.     Flare patchwork top with wax print

Ankara traditional tops get a modern twist with this 100% wax print peplum top. A three-quarter sleeve makes the piece look elegant. This cute peplum sports well-defined slash lines that give it an ocean-inspired look.

A patchwork certainly does not go unnoticed since bringing so many colors together in a cohesive way makes it both stunning and intelligent.

2.     Shenbolen t-shirt

It is one of those Ankara shirts and trouser sets that are too good to pass up. A tie-neck shirt is a piece you will want to show off anywhere you go.

A classy bishop shirt with gathered sleeves is featured in this African print shirt. The high-neck design and pussy-bow detail make this top elegant for your ensemble. You can dress this long sleeve shirt up or down depending on the occasion.

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3.     Blouse with wax print in a slim fit

Having a slim-fitting top can give you the illusion of an hourglass figure because of its slim fit. This Ankara peplum costs less than $35, with free shipping, and has rave reviews. Wax print tops are tailored to fit your body perfectly, emphasizing your curves to the fullest extent possible with just the proper visibility.

4.     Cold shoulder top in black (D’iyanu diola)

The raspberry and yellow kente blend with this fold-over top brings a touch of fun and sophistication to this ensemble. Cold shoulder tops with African prints have been described as having the perfect combination of cool, sophisticated, and fun. This top has a multi-way good that will look adorable over denim, pencil skirts, and palazzo pants.

5.     Wax print top by Aikaplus.

For many years, asymmetrical styles have been in trend because they emphasize your figure in a positive way. Stylish cap sleeves and a zip at the front give this piece a modern edge. An asymmetrical hem, a zipper at the center front, and a cap sleeve complete the look. Wearing this look is definitely an unexpected one.

6.     Patchwork peplum with flare

Another gorgeous monochrome piece from the queen of Ankara patchwork clothes. A princess line bodice and circular skirt style peplum is chic.

This monochrome blouse is an excellent example of an Ankara peplum top! There’s no need to be afraid of embracing the beautiful colors of Ankara; this piece is for you!

7.     Shenbolen long sleeve top

You can wear this with an Ankara peplum top and a pencil skirt. Regardless of the weather, wear this African print blouse to slay your work and special events needs.

Combined with pants, skirts, or even a black sheath dress, the jacket can be worn as both a jacket and a shirt. Of course! This wax print top will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

8.     Peplum Yetunde Sarumi Top

In addition to being well laid and tailored, Yetunde’s African print pieces always fit like a glove. It is a delight to wear the Jodi blouse! The fullness of the peplum is conservative, which makes it look elegant and professional. Additionally, the beautiful and trending high neckline underscores this.

9.     Bosede blouse by Borah clothiers

Featuring a cold shoulder floral design, this Ankara top definitely has a lot of popularity! Besides a handkerchief hemstitched into the peplum, this piece also features a stylish three-quarter sleeve and a V-neckline. It’s perfect for those who like Ankara tops that stand out.

10. Peplum ankara top

This peplum piece is a must-have with its flattering silhouette and waist belt! It hugs the right places, giving it a chic overall look. Flares and short sleeves are seldom found on a garment, so this piece makes for an intriguing piece, and the fullness of the peplum is something that many like.

11. Alexandra wrap top

A beautiful white and black, long sleeve, shawl collar, African print wrap top is a favorite among the elegance and style. This is a top you can style with anything, from corporate to cocktail to casual, to soothe your needs.

Now picture a delicious cake that has been expertly cooked and sits on a lovely cake board without any intriguing cake dressing. Deflation, yes? I wholeheartedly agree!

Like Ankara tops, blouses are the icing on the ensemble cake. These Ankara top designs are what make people feel welcome. So, pastry chefs spend hours decorating a delicious cake because they need to invest in fitting tops.

Final Thoughts

An actual value for money, Ankara tops are a guarantee of gorgeous outfits whether paired with flats, heels, pants, skirts, or even shorts.

In addition to transcending occasions and lifestyles, Ankara top styles are unique pieces in vibrant African prints that aim to convey a unique story. Whenever you wear an Ankara top, you are wearing art, a beautiful “cake dressing” that cannot be ignored, and you are wearing Africa.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ankara, is it formal?

Ankara is traditionally considered a formal fabric reserved only for special occasions. However, many people wear it regularly to help them connect to their roots due to the wide spread of the African diaspora.

Why do people wear Ankara dresses?

In Ankara, traditional African designs, colors, patterns, and symbols are printed using wax-based processes on cotton to produce clothing and fabric. Ankara may be called a variety of different names, including “kente cloth,” “African wax print,” “and kiting,” or “Ankara patterns.”